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Three local writers and artists are involved in great British compilation. Story in today's Birmingham Mail and

All I can add, having read Nelson, is that it is, for a chain story, surprisingly coherent and very enjoyable.
For those of us around the age of 40 it is also brings back memories of great events, like the dry summer of 76, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the acid house and Madchester scenes of the late 80s.

By Paul Birch on Feb 18, 10 06:05 PM


THE MULTIMEDIA experience of is taking the comics format to another level over in Kenya. use the comic strip medium to entertain while offering practical social and educational solutions to youths for whom standard literary material may not have been a viable option for one reason or another. Yes, there are words - in Sheng, a Kenyan steet slang - but it is through using them in conjunction with the visual material that both the information offered and humor present in the strips that are made the best of. is multimedia in that the comics will be printed as an anthology and given away free with newspapers, collected as books, have its own dedicated website (with digital radio station) where the strips will appear, be available via mobile phones and no doubt a variety of other means as suits the access of technology best available to the readers.

It has been developed by Well Told Story and the internationally renowned cartoonist Hunt Emerson has been involved, albeit that he claims "only in a small way" and it is due to launch on 20th February.

"It's an exciting and interesting new departure for comics, both in Africa and in the rest of the comics world, and I'd recommend you take a look online," commented the Birmingham-based Emerson.

To visit the Shujaaz website visit:

A radio podcast from UN's new service, IRIN, featuring an informative interview with Rob Burnet, director of Well Told Story, the people behind can be found at:

Comix - From Three Countries

By Paul Birch on Oct 10, 09 07:54 AM

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LAST WEEK'S BICS 2009 saw the debut of two new independent comics from Hi8us Midlands UK.

COMIX From Telford is a diverse anthology collated from the work of students under the tutelage of Hunt Emerson, John McCrea, plus Laura Howell and Andi Watson.

The scheme came about thanks to Telford & Wrekin Council's Find Your Talent competition and the course lasted from July to October this year.

What's most interesting about the very different strips within the anthology is the way each student has found a unique way to resolve their particular storylines within two pages.

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COMIX From Three Countries contains over 100 pages of international fun, adventure and surrealism. It features the work of 50 young students from England (courtesy of Comicx: Hi8us Midlands UK), Bulgaria (thanks to the Red House Centre for Cullture & Debate, Bulgaria) and Spain (thanks to DOCUMENTA, Spain).

Very broadly speaking the English section features slice of life mishaps and genre fiction, the work from Bulgaria (where there isn't an existing homegrown comics market) tends to towards the more experimental, and the Spanish work features generally more accomplished art.

The book was published simultaneously in each of the three country's native language, so this was a great first for Bulgaria!

For more information:

On COMIX: Hi8us Midlands, UK visit:

ON DOCUMENTA, Spain visit:

On the Red House Centre for Cullture & Debate, Bulgaria visit:

Comix Telford

By Paul Birch on Jun 12, 09 07:31 AM

FOR THE first time since it started five years ago, Hi8us will deliver its internationally successful and innovative Comic Art talent scheme in Telford.

Comix Telford is a talent finding competition for budding young comic artists, in fact it will prioritise 16 to 19 year olds living or studying in Telford. The aim is to discover and nurture talented artists and support them to get into the comics industry with the help of world-class comic professionals such as Hunt Emerson (The Beano) and John McCrea (The Hulk) who commented: "I think this is a wonderful opportunity. When I was breaking into the industry I would have loved the chance to be on this project".

Hi8us Midlands is part of an established charity with a long history of utilising the skills of experts to guide aspiring artists and media producers, with professional results. "We run a range of arts and media projects in a range of communities up and down the country; we come across a great deal of untapped talent and this scheme is just one way of meeting the needs of the gifted individuals we know are out there." Said Kulwant Dhaliwal, Hi8us's Midlands Director.

The scheme is entirely free thanks to Telford & Wrekin's Find Your Talent programme. Julie Jones, its Creative Arts Manager said "Our aim is to support and nurture talented young people, we know they're out there!"

The only thing applicants need to do to be considered is send in copies of their most recent comic strips and complete a short application form. The deadline for postal submissions is Friday 17th July 2009, while for email submissions it is Sunday 19th.
There will be an informal recruitment session taking place at the Telford College of Arts and Technology from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm on Wednesday 8th July for those who want to know more.

From July through to October, 20 finalists will get the opportunity to train with the aforementioned John McCrea and Hunt Emerson, plus Laura Howell, Andi Watson and Asia Alfasi. The scheme will culminate in the trainees having their first comic book published and launched at the British International Comics Show in Birmingham this October.

Applicants need to submit examples of their best and most recent work. Never send in original art, but ensure you send in good photocopies, and Hi8us is looking for 2-4 pages of original comic pages featuring continuity, and preferably without lettering.

Submission guidelines can be downloaded from To book a place at the recruitment session and/or get an application pack, contact: Kulwant Dhaliwal on 0121 753 7700 or

Comic Talent Search

By Neil Elkes on May 15, 09 07:45 AM


BIRMINGHAM'S leading comic artists have once again teamed up with local arts charity Hi8us in a hunt for the region's best young talent.

They are looking for 20 talented artists to develop their skills under the new Comix project. The successor to the hugely successful Stripsearch project.

Among artists giving guidance are John McCrea (X-Men, Spider-man and The Hulk - pictured right), Hunt Emerson (The Beano, Wall Street Journal and Fortean Times), Laura Howell (The Beano, The Guardian), Asia Alfasi (IMAF Winner, Bloomsbury Graphic Novelist) and Andi Watson (Geisha, Buffy)..

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