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Three local writers and artists are involved in great British compilation. Story in today's Birmingham Mail and

All I can add, having read Nelson, is that it is, for a chain story, surprisingly coherent and very enjoyable.
For those of us around the age of 40 it is also brings back memories of great events, like the dry summer of 76, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the acid house and Madchester scenes of the late 80s.

Hunt Emerson Single for Xmas

By Paul Birch on Nov 21, 11 06:51 AM


BIRMINGHAM BASED cartoonist Hunt Emerson whose work has appeared in such diverse publications as The Beano through to The Radio Times ploughes on through the imminent winter snow by adding to his extra-curricular musical output by putting out a Christmas single.

A Spritley Chrismas features Emerson and the Spritley All-Stars performing their own unique version of The Goons' I'm Walking Backwards to Christmas among others, and is available via:

The cartoonist usually has a fun set of Christmas cards for sale at this time of the year so that's another good reason for checking out his personal website over at:

Listening to Hunt Emerson...

By Paul Birch on Nov 2, 11 08:12 AM


STATELEY HOMES of England featuring Hunt Emerson brought out their first CD, Josephine, some months back but being a tale of seasonal change it raises a smile to the face on these cold nights.

Josephine, as penned by John Otway, is the tale of the corn maiden, the maypole queen, the goddess come-lover who gives life to England green. As recited and played by Emerson and his cohorts we see England has become much-coloured, multi-shaped (if a little too obese) and rich for the diversity of it as the song is arranged in a variety of manners from a more-or-less straight interpretation to reggae lover's rock styles and beyond.

It's a song cycle worth listening to, and the assorted versions fine to groove or chill out to.

That the CD itself comes in a gatefold cover with sumptuous artwork by Emerson, one of nation's best loved cartoonists, paying homage to nature while filling backgrounds with minute detail of delightful visual humour is an added bonus. I was fortunate enough to purchase my copy at this summer's 2011 B.C. convention in Birmingham, where I was also able to receive a limited edition accompanying full colour portfolio that's quite frankly spiffingly great!

Below is a promotionalYouvideo for Josephine by Stately Homes of England featuring Hunt Emerson:

And while, we're at it, about half-way through this Anglia TV news footage, you'll see a report on Hunt Emerson teaching a bunch of happy kids at primary school kids:

For more on Stately Homes of England CDs visit:

For more on Hunt Emerson visit:

STATELY HOMES of England featuring Hunt Emerson held a launch reception for Seven Curses, their latest CD.

The event took place at The Endwood, Hamstead Road, in Handsworth, Birmingham last Friday October21st with Beano cartoonist Hunt Emerson himself present.

Those in attendance could buy CDs, t-shirts, Spritely Records aprons, prints hear the very first playing of Stately Homes of England's soon-to-be-available Christmas single.

For those who couldn't make it (or those like this half-soaked reporter who got the date mixed up in his diary) there's a great little promotional animation video for the record that you can click on and play above.

You can purchase all Stately Homes of England featuring Hunt Emerson CDs by visiting:

Seven-Curses-square-format 16cm.jpg

INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED cartoonist Hunt Emerson continues to pursue his extra-curricular activities as a musician with Stately Homes of England set to release Seven Curses.

The nine track CD features the main version of the Bob Dylan song, plus radical remixes by Billy Milk, Bobby Bird, Steve Astronaut and White Glove, with a "busked" performance of the song by Hunt Emerson, and, as an added bonus, there's a very different mix of Spritely's first record, Josephine.

SPRITELY-logo-for-web 5cm.jpg

The CD, comes packaged with three postcards and an extensive sleeve note by music journalist Tony Hendry, costs just £6.50p (including p&p) and can be ordered from where you can hear Seven Curses, see the video, and check out their back catalogue.

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