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Bring Back Calculus Cat!

By Paul Birch on Jun 5, 14 12:27 AM


CALCULUS CAT hates TV. His world is black and white, weird, speedy & loud, and plagued by breakfast cereal ads - all a comic should be - Not least because they were created from the fertile imagination of Birmingham based cartoonist Hunt Emerson.

Produced during the eighties, Calculus Cat proved popular appearing in some of the best independent comics of the time, and collected by Knockabout in an album, Death To Television, in 1987, that sold out within a couple of years. Since then Emerson has been frequently asked - begged, even - to bring back Calculus Cat and reprint the comics. Now he is going to, and he'd like you to be involved, as the following video featuring the man himself explains:

As noted, Knockabout want to publish a new super deluxe edition of Calculus Cat comics, reprinting the original collection and adding 20 new pages of comics, along with an introduction, a Calculus Cat Gallery. To help raise the money and publish the book a Kickstarter campaign has been initiated, with some exclusive incentives on offer.

You can find all about it by visiting here:

Snaffles The Cat Burglar

By Paul Birch on Apr 8, 14 08:54 AM


BIRMINGHAM BASED cartoonist Hunt Emerson has produced the cover art for Snaffles The Cat Burglar, written by Cavan Scott for Fiction Express for Schools.

Fiction Express for Schools is a publisher of e-books based in Shropshire. They publish fiction that allows readers to determine the course of the plot, in real time, while the stories are being written. With weekly episodes appearing each Friday, at the end of each cliffhanging instalment readers are given voting options to decide where the plot should go next. The winning vote is conveyed to the author, who then writes the next episode, in real time, according to what the readers chose. The intention is to get readers actively engaged with the plot and with the author, to use prediction to try and guess what happens next, and to be involved in writing activities.

Cavan Scott is the author of 60 books and audio dramas including The Sunday Times' Top 10 Bestseller Who-ology - The Official Doctor Who Miscellany, co-written with Mark Wright. He has also written for The Beano, Judge Dredd, and Warhammer 40,000.

In Snaffles The Cat Burglar the feline and his dim canine sidekick Bonehead are caught red-pawed trying to steal the Sensational Salmon of Sumatra. But not everything is what it seems. Their capture leads them on a top secret mission for the Ministry of Secret Shenanigans. Will they succeed? The readers decide.

For more information visit:

Hune the Saxon.jpg
THE SECRET is out! Local resident and internationally renowned cartoonist Hunt Emerson along with other likeminded folk have formed a not-for-profit company called HANDSWORTH CREATIVE cic.

That cic stands for Community Interest Company and it is part Lottery funded. The intention of the HANDSWORTH CREATIVE cic is to promote and develop creative and local history projects by and for the good people that live in the Handsworth part of Birmingham, in the West Midlands of Great Britain.

"Our first project is to be HANDSWORTH - THE COMIC (working title) - a history of Handsworth in comics," confirmed Hunt himself, "It will be drawn by professional comics artists, with input from Handsworth people - probably young, aspirant cartoonists."


Phase 1 of the project is currently in development and will take place between March to July. It is intended as a series of free workshops on comics and cartooning, plus aspects about local history that will involve schools and youth groups.

Handsworth's Famous w. captions.jpg

"We hope to identify a core group of new talent and people who are particularly interested, who will go on to more advanced workshops, and eventually, if they want to, be involved in the comic," Hunt confirmed. The publication of HANDSWORTH - THE COMIC will become Phase 2, and quite possibly go onto a Phase 3 stage too, as additional funding will be required. So, if you are interested in comics, live in the locality of Handsworth, want to know more about the local history of the neighbourhood (and it's pretty rum and uncanny, from the Neolithic to now!) get involved!

For workshop bookings simply email or phone Surjit at: and 0777 904 6529.

For any further details about HANDSWORTH CREATIVE cic contact Hunt Emerson at: hunt@handsworthcreative and 07852 632676.

For general information about Hunt Emerson fans should visit his own website at: www.

Hunt Emerson photograph (c) Martin Tierney.

Handy logo best.jpg

Handsworth's Famous w. captions.jpg

SCIENTISTS, POLITICIANS and wonderfully whacky cartoonists like Hunt Emerson have all lived in Handsworth, Birmingham and now something new's afoot and about to happen there!

Come back tomorrow and find out exactly what!

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WHAT IS Hunt Emerson, the cartoonist who's told us about Casanova's Last Stand and accused us of being Maggie Thatcher plotting?

The seeds for this mystery were sown in Handsworth, Birmingham long ago.. The Birmingham Mail's Speech Balloons looks forward to them reaching fruition soon and cartoon loving folk harvesting their rewards!

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