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WATCHMEN ARTIST and co-creator Dave Gibbons was interviewed on a recent BBC TV documentary about the pop art painting WHAAM! by Roy Lichtenstein, that is currently on show in a major retrospective at Tate Modern, London.

Now Gibbons has responded further by going back to Lichtenstein's original source, a DC war comics panel drawn by Irving Novick, to create a brilliant satirical "re-purposing" of this iconic image, now titled WHAAT?

Gibbons commented:"I intend to do a HUUGE stretched canvas version. The idea would be to present it in as much the same way as the Lichtenstein version as we could. I would then sell it and donate the profits to the Hero Initiative."

For more about this and Lichtenstein's sources and legacy, including current fine artists who continue to copy from comics artists such as Brian Bolland, visit:

Comic Book Legends Herb Trimpe and Dave Gibbons join an impressive list of guests who will be attending this year's Malta Comic Con.

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Herb Trimpe became a familiar name to British kids when Captain Britain Weekly debuted from Marvel UK, illustrated by him with scripts by future X-Men writer Chris Claremont. Those into American comics know him as the man responsible for holding down an eight year run drawing The Incredible Hulk for the parent company where within a Len Wein scripted #181 he presented the debut appearance of Wolverine - Making it the origin of two characters who are nominally subjects of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II that he is co-responsible for!

Trimpe worked on countless other comics for Marvel ranging from licensed characters such as Transformers, Godzilla, Indiana Jones and G.I. Joe through to superhero romps and space operas including The Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy and his final series there, the quarterly publication that was The Fantastic Four Unlimited.

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Having worked in the education system thereafter, Trimpe has made a welcome return to G.I. Joe drawing covers for IDW publishing, and continues to do extensive commission work and appear as a guest at comic book conventions.

"Herb Trimpe is one of the elder statesmen of comics with a career spanning several decades and eras. Although mostly known for his Marvel Comics work, Trimpe's appeal has continued to see him taking on new work, including a brief stint on Mike Mignola's wildly successful BPRD series for Dark Horse." Comics journalist Chris Thompson who is attending the show commented.

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Dave Gibbons has worked in comics since 1973. Cutting his teeth on undergrounds and fanzines, he became a frequent contributor to Britain's 2000AD illustrating Harlem Heroes, Dan Dare and co-creating Rogue Trooper. He is also fondly remembered as the original artist on Dr Who Weekly for Marvel UK.

Since then he has drawn, and latterly written, for many comics publishers having helped shape stories involving the likes of Superman, Batman and Aliens and as a co-creator the Hugo Award-winning Watchmen with writer Alan Moore, Give Me Liberty and Martha Washington Goes to War with Frank Miller, and solo his semi-autobiographical Eisner Award winning The Originals graphic novel. He is currently working on The Secret Service written by Mark Millar and as the creator of Treatment for Madefire.

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With Trimpe and Gibbons joining Mike Carey and Dez Skinn it is an impressive guest line up already that wouldn't have been possible without the support of various agencies and embassies helping organisers Wicked Comics. The British Council have been supporting the Malta Comic Con event since its first edition in 2009 and have been involved in the promoting the comics industry in other activities through out the year. The Malta Comic Con is also being organised this year in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland and the Embassy of France. Other regular supports include: St James Cavalier, Santana Hotel, Department of Information, Heritage Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority. We here in Britain wish similar bodies would do the same our home shores!

For more on the Malta Comic Con visit:


2011BC photo special

By Neil Elkes on Aug 31, 11 11:37 AM

PM1627729@.jpgCan't add much to Paul's comprehensive account of BC2011 below, but we did have a photographer on hand and an excellent set of photographs.

There is a gallery selected by our picture editor here.

But for Speech Balloons readers we have even more snaps from the fun packed day.


THOSE ATTENDING 2011 B.C. in Birmingham this Saturday 27th can expect some world exclusives happening throughout the day.

Chief among those will be Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass) who will be on stage at 11.30am where rumour has it they will be revealing the exciting new project they are working on.


Other events include competitions, on-stage interviews, talks and signings from the likes of Chris Sprouse, Alan Davis, David Hine, Peter Hogan, Jimmy Broxton, Phil Winslade, Staz Johnson and various creators to the Spirit of Hope charity comic.

For more information on 2011 B.C. visit:

2011 B.C.... Birmingham Comicon!!

By Paul Birch on Apr 25, 11 05:50 AM


2011 B.C. is an all-new comic convention to take place in Birmingham, the heart of England on Saturday 27th August.

Birmingham hosted the very first comic book convention in the UK back in 1968, was home to the fondly remembered Birmingham Comic Art Shows back in the eighties, and in this millennium has been the annual place-of-residence to what has become the largest dedicated comic book convention in Great Britain; the British International Comics Show - originally the Birmingham International Comics Show, and more affectionately known as BICS.

It should come as no surprise that this new day and-a-half event of 2011 B.C. (Birmingham Comicon) as well as Comic Launchpad that takes place on Saturday June 18th (until the early hours of Sunday morning) is being organised by International Comic Shows, the people behind BICS itself.

Despite rumours and certain actual lies that have been propagated, it was established last year that BICS could not exist as a two day event at the Thinktank in Millennium Point this year because of work being undertaken related to Aston University. BICs organisers did investigate other venues, and on a national level - including the London Design Centre that subsequently became home to the comics and related media event Kapow that took place recently - but no suitable venue was located for the size of show that BICS had become.

2011 B.C. should prove a more than suitable replacement with guests already confirmed including Eisner Award winner Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong, Batman) flying in from the USA, Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons and Peter Hogan (author of books on bands such Queen and R.E.M. and comics ranging from The Dreaming to Tom Strong).

2011 B.C. will take place at the Holiday Inn, a large spacious venue in Birmingham's city centre, and right next door to Nostalgia & Comics, one of the longest established comic speciality shops in all of Europe! And what's more, kids under 12 accompanied by an adult can get in for free!

Meanwhile Comics Launchpad recently announced that DC Comics Senior Editor Joey Cavalieri will be attending the show as well as renowned artist Klaus Janson as Marvel Comics' representative, and many other comic book professionals offering master classes, tips and practical advice on the comics business.

Comic book fans look set to find their Summer fun in Brum this year!

For more information on 2011 B.C. visit:

For more information on Comics Launchpad visit:

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