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CBA Stellar Launch

By Paul Birch on Jun 4, 10 06:18 PM

On May 23rd 2010, after a year of organising and discussions, the Comic Book Alliance (CBA) officially launched itself as a voice representing the UK comic book industry at the Bristol Comics Expo.

Charged with promoting the UK comics industry, both in the UK and across the world, the CBA is helping with educational programmes, assisting in the organising of events and exhibitions, forging relationships with complimentary media organisations, and raising awareness of an art form that is officially recognised as such in almost every part of the world except the UK.

Since the beginning of the year the CBA has helped organise and promote major exhibitions and sent thousands of free comic books to the British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the heart of the Alliance founders Tim Pilcher, Shane Chebsey and GM Jordan have assembled an advisory board made up of leading academics and professionals from a wide spectrum. This group will guide the organisation and decide policy; they will also talk to the media and act as representatives of the organisation.

Advisory Board:
Tim Pilcher (Chairman)
Pat Mills (Political & Girls' Comics)
Dr Melanie Gibson (Education/Girls' Comics)
Martin Averre (Retail)
David Lloyd (Education)
Shane Chebsey (Small Press)
Mike Holman (Distribution)
Jonathan Ross, OBE (Media)
Mark Stephens (Legal Counsel)
Paul Gravett (Exhibitions/Events)
Harry Markos (Publishing)
Helen McCarthy (Manga)

The CBA effectively brings together every part of the industry under one banner, offering advice and help to those who need it, no matter who they are.

Retailers will have access to promotional material and events, and educators can request writers, artists and publishers to take part in projects aimed at boosting literacy.

Because of the way the Alliance is structured it ensures that any media enquiry will have access to experts from every avenue of the industry ensuring they get the correct information that they require, with a wide range of people to interview.

Alliance members that need advice are able to tap into a wealth of experience. For example, if a new publisher is unsure about pricing structures or distribution they can be introduced to people who have firsthand knowledge in problem areas and because everybody is pulling together under the CBA umbrella to ensure the survival of the medium, people who may once have been considered competitors are working together to strengthen and protect the industry.

Part of the organisation has been set aside to deal with potential legal problems; members may have the peace of mind knowing they will have the support of their peers and one of the finest legal counsels in the UK, Mark Stephens; should they unwittingly stray into legal problems. Recent changes to the law could make publishing in the UK a potential minefield so by working together pitfalls can be avoided.

Across the world the CBA is reaching out to work with fellow organisations. in America there are hopes to forge links with the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund (CBLDF).

Tim Pilcher recently travelled to Stockholm and set up a working relationship with the Swedish Comics Association (SCA), one of the oldest comic organisations in the world. There are institutions like the SCA all around the world and by working with them the CBA plans to promote the British industry globally.

The UK is already recognised as having some of the best creators in the world (Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore to name just a few) but there is a thriving independent comics publishing industry that is just as important. Publishers like Markosia, Time Bomb and Accent UK are producing fantastic graphic novels, that deserve global recognition.

There are also a growing number of female creators coming into a medium once perceived as a very male-orientated environment. The CBA will be pushing to bring more women into the industry, offering support and advice, helping to promote them where necessary and hoping to change attitudes that are either wrong or outdated. Artists and writers like Emma Vieceli, Laura Howell and Sarah McIntyre, and rising stars Emma Price and Alex Moore are amongst the best in the world and should be recognised as such.

Because the CBA is self-funding, a wide range of fundraising events are planned. Tim Pilcher and GM Jordan are putting the final touches to an online auction with original artwork, signed copies of books and certain exclusive experiences "money can't buy", such as dinner with famous creators and private tuition by comic artists.

Membership will be available to the general public, and companies like Genki Gear have offered to produce special edition products in support of the CBA. As a non-profit organisation the CBA is reliant on the support of its members.

Already the CBA runs a website that helps the general public find their local comic book retailer ( and with over 1.5m visitors it is proving that the general public are interested in supporting the industry.

In the last year the CBA helped organise and promote major exhibitions and sent thousands of free comic books to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The comic book industry is dominated by American and Japanese companies, with American companies keen to hire British talent. The CBA believes the UK comic publishing industry can be as strong as these because the talent, the publishers and the will is now here. All that is needed is the support of the general public and a sympathetic government to assist it.

Chairman Tim Pilcher said: "The UK had one of the most creative and extensive comic publishing industries in the world - a legacy that has produced some of the best artists and writers currently working in the medium. But, sadly, with comparatively few actual British publications still in existence today.

"The Comic Book Alliance has been specifically set up to help celebrate the past and, more importantly, to create a positive future for the British comics industry by supporting and promoting creators, publishers, retailers and distributors, both in the UK and abroad. The CBA has been a personal dream of mine for nearly 15 years, and it's wonderful to see so many people coming together to support the medium they love."

For further information visit:

CBA Logo Mania Produces a Winner

By Paul Birch on Mar 17, 10 05:59 AM


When the Comic Book Alliance (CBA) needed a logo that would be eye-catching, striking and informative they had a whole host of some of the UK's best comic book artists on hand ready to submit ideas.

However the CBA is an organisation that hopes to nurture new talent as well as helping established creators and what better way to do it than to invite fans and professionals to compete alongside each other to design a logo that will be seen around the world.

The competition started on the 1st January 2010 and ran for a month, towards the end there were some fantastic entries submitted. With a lifetime membership in addition to a whole host of other prizes on offer the winning design had to be something special.

In the end, the three judges agreed that one design stood out above the rest, it is not only eye-catching it also works well in both colour and black & white. It will be seen on the website and all official documentation; it will be seen around the world and stand for quality.

Designs by Hugh Raine and Joanne Powell caught the judges' attention, but it was Greg Powell from the West Midlands whose graphics really stood out and told the panel that they had found what the organisation needed.

"Greg's design very cleverly encapsulated everything we wanted to say about the CBA, while simultaneously being fresh and original," said CBA chairman, Tim Pilcher. "The interlocking speech balloons represent the cross-industry cohesiveness we are fostering, and the clever use of the RGB and CMYK colours work perfectly - representing both web and print comics - yet the logo also remains a strong, outstanding design in black and white. It's the perfect design for a forward thinking and dynamic organisation that has a sense of history."

When told of his winning entry Greg replied:

"I am really pleased to have won the competition. Being both a graphic designer and a lifelong comic fan, any opportunity to marry the two is fantastic. The CBA has the potential to play a really important role in the promotion and support of the British comics industry and I'm proud to be a part of it... And of course, the benefits that come with winning the logo competition will help feed my comic book addiction!"

The CBA was founded in 2009 to represent the comic book industry in the UK, working with retailers, publishers, creators, educators and fans to ensure a bright future for the industry.

For further information visit:

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CBA Logo Competition

By Paul Birch on Dec 6, 09 04:43 PM

The Comic Book Alliance (CBA) is running a competition to design a new logo.

The winning logo designer will be rewarded with the following:

• Free full membership of the CBA for life.
• Free CBA publications for life.
• Free entrance to all CBA organised events.

The winning will also be recognised as the logo's creator on the CBA website and see their design on t-shirts, book covers, affiliated websites, banners and flyers produced by the CBA and used in promoting the British comic book industry not just in the UK but around the world.

For more information visit:

The Comic Book Alliance

By Paul Birch on Dec 4, 09 07:21 AM

The Comic Book Alliance (CBA) is dedicated to the promotion of British comic books, graphic novels, webcomics and sequential art in its many forms, alongside actual British-based and ex-pat comic creators--be they artists, writers, colourists, letterers or editors.

The CBA is a completely non-partisan and impartial not-for-profit organisation, primarily run by volunteers. The organisation arranges a wide range of activities from press launches, exhibitions, gallery shows, fund-raising events, educational programs, publications and other events, for professionals and the public.

The aims of the alliance are:

• To be the public face of the British comics industry and present a cohesive and unified voice while representing the needs of creators, editors, publishers, distributors and retailers, regardless of their individual specialised sectors.

• To promote the comic book industry in the UK and the medium of comics as a whole to the general public via educational and recreational events and initiatives.

• To help distribute comics in the UK and assist publishers with distribution concerns and problems.

• To help independent publishers and retailers survive and to grow.

• To address concerns about censorship.

• To offer support and legal advice and services to creators, retailers, publishers or individuals.

• To raise the funds to help achieve all of the above aims with fundraising events, publications and subscriptions.

• To form various strategic alliances with key organisations that are mutually beneficial to the aims of Comic Book Alliance.

• To promote the British comics industry abroad via international alliances with similar organisations.

• To supply sequential art services to educational and social schemes and various corporate and governmental agencies.

For more information about the Comic Book Alliance visit:

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