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Are you a Fag Hag, darling?

By Gill Alexander on Mar 6, 09 09:14 AM

I had a Damascene moment last week, dear readers, (for those of you who haven't had a decent education - look it up) and realised why I have singularly failed in my quest to net a fabulous man.

My moment of revelation? When I was compiling my guest list for Sunday lunch. With the exception of two extremely cute straight boys, every single person I invited was male and gay. In my defence I would point out that all these lovely gentlemen are erudite, witty, attractive and tremendously good company. But let's face it, who cares about them? This column is all about ME and I've just realised the dreadful truth. Yes, dear readers, I am a Fag Hag.

How could I not have realised this? I admit it, I have, on occasion, started wearing false eyelashes and am definitely coming round to the idea that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with Cher, but why didn't anyone point it out to me?

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