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Midweek Rubbers by Zoe....

IT'S probably fair to say that club racing rarely gets the credit it deserves. It's not our fault (by our, I mean me and motorsport hacks universally) because most publications just don't have the space to cover it.

OK, there are a couple of specialist publications which I won't/can't/am not allowed to give a name check to (clue, one is for cars and the other is for bikes) which have regular club coverage in their pages every week or two, but on the whole the media just doesn't pay the clubs enough attention.

The Cult of Rossi???

By Burning Rubber on Jun 24, 08 04:15 PM

VALENTINO Rossi is without a doubt the greatest motorcycle racer of his generation if not ever....but this week I'm starting to wonder if he isn't, in fact, just bad for our sport.

I can hear the cries now (heaven knows I've heard them all before)...."what are you talking about woman?" ...."don't you know anything about bike racing?".....and then the old chestnut "What sort of journalist are you?".....but this time, I refuse to budge.

The reason for my sweeping statement comes on the back of the frankly disgusting behaviour of some of the great one's fans at Donington Park on Sunday.

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