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On my occasional trips away from Coventry, I like to see whatever exhibitions are on in the place I go to visit. Belfast is usually pretty reliable for a good selection but sadly not on my recent trip.

Turning up at the Ormeau Baths Gallery on Friday 13th was obviously a bad omen. The door was shut, boards were piled behind it and there was post inside the door. I had thought it was odd the website was out of date, but should have looked further - the gallery closed in October, blaming a reduction in income from sponsorship and corporate events, and a rise in costs.

It had shown exhibitions by Yoko Ono and Gilbert and George before, and a lot more obscure artists, and was a bit like the Ikon in Birmingham - an old brick building and big white spaces inside. It's a sad lost to the Belfast art world.

They may not be on the doorstep, but if you find yourself in Belfast for a few days and need a respite from Troubles tours and Guinness, there are several great galleries worth checking out.

I went to see two ice hockey games but spent as much time in different galleries as the rink.

Three small galleries have often-changing exhibitions.

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