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Begging near Covent Garden car park in Leamington by Josh King

For those prone to a bout of post-Christmas depression, the subject matter of several new exhibitions in Coventry and Warwickshire may not seem like the best antidote. However don't be put off - the standard of work on show might actually cheer you up.


A life that promised riches but was then followed by the horrors of imprisonment lays behind the works of art on show now in Warwickshire.

Souren Mousavi's exhibition at Gallery150 in Leamington features varied works focusing on the female form, her Persian heritage and the fight for freedom.

A year ago Private View began, and before we launch ourselves into 2012 I want to look back at a year of the Coventry and Warwickshire art world, of Georges, and of galleries coming and going.

One of the early pieces I wrote on Private View focused on the find in an auction house catalogue by Coventry's now former Conservation Officer George Demidowicz of a fantastic set of early 19th century watercolours of the city by William H Brooke, and The Herbert launched a £12,000 public appeal to buy them. Luckily it was a success. Sadly George is no longer with the council so one wonders if a similar set of works would be missed in future.

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At the end of 2011, I've spent a lot of time writing about another George, George Shaw, who also paints Coventry, but in Humbrol paints and watercolours. His works focusing on Tile Hill featured in a major exhibition at the Baltic early in the year, and gained him a nomination for the Turner Prize. Staff at The Herbert must have been jumping for joy when they learned about this, as five years of work to stage an exhibition of his work at the gallery coincided with the prize announcement, which unfortunately he wasn't successful in.

I make no apologies for writing so much about him when his work stands out so much, has gained national acclaim - and the opportunity to write about a local, internationally-recognised artist does not occur all that often!
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Lots on in local art world

By Julie Chamberlain on Nov 22, 11 10:13 PM

There are a number of art events on this week worth catching.

Tomorrow, November 23, from 7-9pm at The Mead at the University of Warwick, artist, author and film maker Al Davison will be the star of an Artist-Led Drawing Workshop.

Al, who has 25 years experience teaching life drawing, anatomy and visual storytelling will, with the assistance of a model, take participants through drawing exercises and techniques designed to improve their figure drawing and hand to eye co-ordination.

The session is with a clothed model, costs £10 and needs to be booked by calling Warwick Arts Centre.

On Friday 25 November at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum, at 1pm Jeff Watkins, Heritage and Arts Manger, will give a free talk about the mythical origins of Warwick (no need to book).

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A FRUSTRATION at no longer being able to buy the art he wanted inspired Damien Isaak to start creating his own works at the age of 40.

He's now staging his second solo exhibition after the first over a year ago was a huge success.

Damien moved to Leamington six years ago, and runs his own rather unusual business there - as an animal psychologist. But there's not many animals in his art - in this showing at Gallery150 in Leamington I only spotted some rather lovely geometrically-shaped angel fish in Think Tank.

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