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A Coventry-born artist and successful graduate is holding a fascinating-sounding exhibition in London.

Jack Foster who is from Allesley, Coventry, studied on the foundation diploma course at Coventry University then the BA, graduating this year with a First, and winning the Coventry University drawing prize. I liked his works in the university degree show, writing at the time in Private View that his works for that focuses on religion, pilgrimage and superstition, and were "intriguing and well executed".

Jack sent a proposal for an exhibition to the British Humanist Association, and the result is a show at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, until the end of January, entitled Methinks It Is Like a Weasel, described as a critique of religion and religiosity.

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An artist from Yorkshire who has recently been exhibiting in a group show in Coventry was so inspired by his visit to the opening that he returned home and created a new work - entitled Coventry.

Terry Greene was one of 13 artists whose work went on show in Without an Edge There is No Middle at the Pluspace Gallery in the Meter Room studios above Corporation Street in the city centre, which should have still been on but has unfortunately close early.

He came to the city for the exhibition opening at the start of August, and had a wander around, tweeting images during the day.


If you think you've seen a new charity shop open in Coventry city centre - you're partly, artily, right.

The Charity Shop Tour Shop is open in an empty shop at 19 Hertford Street, just off Broadgate.

It consists of items from Coventry-based artist Lorsen Camps's The Charity Shop Tour project, and responses to them by artists Dave Gray, Jamie Randall and Ben Rowe.

The tour took place in 2003 and involved Lorsen travelling around the country visiting 1,306 charity shops in six weeks, and then producing a book about the project. The exhibition marks the tenth anniversary of the tour, with the additional works added to it. The items have all been carefully documented and you can read what they all are, and which shop and town they were sourced from.

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An exhibition by two artists has found new ways to focus on the legacy of post-war modernist architecture in Coventry, and both are fascinating in their separate ways.

Jo Gane and Caroline James, who met on the London College of Communication's photography MA course, are exhibiting in Nostalgia for the Future (Past) at the Roots Gallery in Coventry city centre.

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A film researched and then abandoned by legendary film director Stanley Kubrick is the basis for a new exhibition in Coventry.

Former Turner Prize nominated artists Jane and Louise Wilson's film installation Unfolding the Aryan Papers is showing at the Herbert, as an addition to the Caught in the Crossfire exhibition about how artists deal with conflict and reconciliation.

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