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SCALLOP Week in Rye is now a major event in the gastro tourist calender.


And unlike the Whitstable Oyster Festival, which takes place when local native bivalves are out of season, and when the place is swarming with tourists, the Rye Bay Scallop Festival happens when the local delicacy is at its most plump and succulent.

From 25th February to 4th March this year, the mainly restaurant-based event will features cookery schools, cooking and scallop shucking demos.

The week culminates on the final day with the hotly contested 'What a Load of Scallops' race with competitors racing barrows of scallops, through the cobbled streets of Rye, to win the coveted wooden scallop plaque.

The White Vine House, holder of 5 AA stars in the 'Restaurant with Rooms' category is offering complimenraty accommodation to commissioned journalists to visit the beatutiful historic Cinque Port town.

Its new Ambrette Restaurant will serve a delicious tasting menu of six scallop dishes, including a scallop dessert.

RYANAIR has announced that it will continue to defend the right of its sexy cabin crew to strip down for charity, if they wish to.

Ryanair calendar 2012 2-thumb-560x790-145397.jpg

It comes after a survey of 100,000 Ryanair passengers showed 99.7% support for Ryanair's cabin crew charity calendar initiative which has raised almost €500,000 for charity since 2008, while less than 300 passengers said they did not support the charity calendar.

Ryanair asked:

Do you support Ryanair's Cabin Crew Charity Calendar, which will raise €100,000 for charity?
Should Ryanair's 2013 Charity Calendar include men, even if it raises less money for charity?
Should Ryanair's 2013 Charity Calendar feature men only?

Ryanair called on both online 'petitioners' and the Valencia housewives assocation to support the efforts of Ryanair's beautiful cabin crew, who are trying to raise €100,000 for the DEBRA charity, which provides care and assistance to children suffering from the painful and debilitating EB skin condition.

Ryanair's Stephen McNamara said: "What is it about a group of good-looking girls selflessly doing their best to raise money for charity that causes a stir amongst tiny groups of protestors? Our survey of over 100,000 passengers shows overwhelming support with over 99.7% of passengers supporting the Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar initiative which continues to raise money for the worthy charity.

"With such overwhelming support for our calendars and crew, Ryanair will continue to defend the right of people to strip down for charity, if they want to. With less than 500 copies of the 2012 Cabin Crew Charity Calendar left for sale on Ryanair flights and on those who want 2012's hottest calendar should buy it today."