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THERE'S already been blood and thunder ahead of May's referendum on whether Coventry people want an elected mayor to replace the traditional council leader's post.

A bruising fight is on, and the media's been caught in the crossfire.

Comic relief came with memorable jokes, as councillors across the political divide opposed the pro-mayor government which is forcing Coventry to hold the referendum.

Eleven of 15 Tory councillors disagreed with David Cameron and their pro-mayor local leader Kevin Foster. He's not ruled out standing to be Coventry City Council's first elected mayor - if people first vote 'Yes' to the idea in May.

Conservative councillor Gary Crookes joked: "I'd be happier with (Labour council leader) John Mutton calling himself 'Fuhrer' than having an elected mayor!"

Coun Mutton quipped Coun Foster as mayor would have large taxpayer costs for a "Twitter department". I sense a council would give it a more convoluted title!

(this is today's Coventry Telegraph front page)

A CITY councillor could find himself banned from council meetings in future - for
persistent 'tweeting' from his phone.

Coventry City Council's Tory leader Kevin Foster has been warned by chief executive Martin Reeves and others he faces disciplinary action if he continues to defy a mobile phone ban.

Amazingly, Coun Foster clocked up 103 short messages called "tweets" on the social networking Twitter website during Tuesday's three-hour full council meeting.

He was even forced to apologise in the chamber when one of his tweets misquoted Labour council leader John Mutton - falsely stating the leader had used the word "arse".

But opposition leader Coun Foster has vowed to defy orders - and continue sending messages to his 400 Twitter followers - in a protest over "censorship" by the Labour-run council.

AFTER a night and day of much waiting, high drama and unexpected results, the council elections in Coventry and Warwickshire provided a snapshot of the national picture.

A marked contrast between the city and the south of the county mirrored the rest of the country, with Labour surpassing expectations in Coventry, and the Tories doing so in places like Warwick District Council, where it took full control.

With Labour gaining North Warwickshire as expected, our region provided a microcosm of the national trend - Labour gains in the north; Conservatives more than holding their own in the south.

The big story was the Lib Dems' collapse, although they held onto all nine seats in Warwick district. The keenest politician to talk to me throughout my 24-hour shift was leading Lib Dem Coventry city councillor Russell Field.

Putting his own spin on events, he surmised it had been a good night for Labour because the party had played "a clever game" of deceiving voters, by seeming to oppose every coalition government cut. Labour too would have made the same cuts and had created the financial mess, insisted Coun Field.

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