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THERE'S already been blood and thunder ahead of May's referendum on whether Coventry people want an elected mayor to replace the traditional council leader's post.

A bruising fight is on, and the media's been caught in the crossfire.

Comic relief came with memorable jokes, as councillors across the political divide opposed the pro-mayor government which is forcing Coventry to hold the referendum.

Eleven of 15 Tory councillors disagreed with David Cameron and their pro-mayor local leader Kevin Foster. He's not ruled out standing to be Coventry City Council's first elected mayor - if people first vote 'Yes' to the idea in May.

Conservative councillor Gary Crookes joked: "I'd be happier with (Labour council leader) John Mutton calling himself 'Fuhrer' than having an elected mayor!"

Coun Mutton quipped Coun Foster as mayor would have large taxpayer costs for a "Twitter department". I sense a council would give it a more convoluted title!

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