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THERE'S already been blood and thunder ahead of May's referendum on whether Coventry people want an elected mayor to replace the traditional council leader's post.

A bruising fight is on, and the media's been caught in the crossfire.

Comic relief came with memorable jokes, as councillors across the political divide opposed the pro-mayor government which is forcing Coventry to hold the referendum.

Eleven of 15 Tory councillors disagreed with David Cameron and their pro-mayor local leader Kevin Foster. He's not ruled out standing to be Coventry City Council's first elected mayor - if people first vote 'Yes' to the idea in May.

Conservative councillor Gary Crookes joked: "I'd be happier with (Labour council leader) John Mutton calling himself 'Fuhrer' than having an elected mayor!"

Coun Mutton quipped Coun Foster as mayor would have large taxpayer costs for a "Twitter department". I sense a council would give it a more convoluted title!

WITH largely ineffectual proposals to curb executive pay dominating national headlines, a local row broke out over our reporting of highly paid council bosses' trip to a conference in a luxurious French resort.

"Nice Work If You Cannes Get It," screamed a sub-editor's headline, alongside the beaming visage of Coventry City Council chief executive Martin Reeves, whose total remuneration is £215,000 - one of 23 officers whose earnings hit six figures (£2.5 million combined).

I'm sure it is a nice trip - with council taxpayers potentially paying £4,600 for four executives to join sponsoring businesses in the city's 20-strong delegation.

That's not to deny there's important work to be done - of schmoozing and persuading Europe's property investors to bring much-needed jobs to Coventry.

That task provides one important measure of whether executives can justify their large pay with results.

The Daily Mail, predictably, leapt on our story. Its website readers characteristically dismissed it as a jolly for public sector fat-cats who don't "create wealth".

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